Samboja Lodge is one of the best rehabilitation center of orangutan borneo and sun bear in Balikpapan, East Borneo.



Samboja Lodge is built from sustainable and recycled materials; they have a natural water filters; used hydraulic rams to pump water without using electricity; recycle; grow their own vegetables; produce compost. The team leader will give visitors a presentation and overview of the working activities and then guests will participate in a walking tour to acquaint themselves with the many facets of the Samboja Lodge Project. They feel it is important for their visitors to fully understand what they do at Samboja Lodge in order to help the orangutan to one day be free again.



Currently has 26 rooms completed (22 standard rooms with beds for sharing, AC) and 2 suites (Queen size beds, AC and hot water) and 2 treetops suites (King size beds, fantastic views, AC and hot water).

Consists of two long levels and a center tower. The lower level contains 12 rooms (6 on either side of the center tower), each with its own patio, private bathroom and twin beds for double occupancy. The upper level has 10 rooms with balcony, private bathroom and twin beds for double occupancy as well.

The upper level has two VIP guests rooms with Queen size beds, air conditioning and hot water. The ground level portion of the center tower houses a communal area for dining, laundry and kitchen facilities, internet access area.

On the top of tower accommodates two master VVIP suites complete with king size beds, Jacuzzi and large picture windows overlooking the Samboja Lodge area. There is also a large viewing platform open to all guest.


Samboja Lodge treetop suite

Various of interest :

at Samboja Lodge :
Walk for nature trail to observe the Orangutans, and others wildlife habitats, sun bear around the lodge, re-forestation and protection rainforests, black river to observing monkeys, birds, wildlife’s. etc. Feeding time of the Orangutan and sun bear.

at Mahakam Cruise, Dayak and Mancong :
Mahakam River and it’s creeks. Fisherman village and lakes. The life of Banjar tribe, Kutai tribe, Buginese tribe and Dayak tribe (Kenyah, Benuaq, Tunjung, Bahau) along the river bank. Floating houses and traditional markets. Traditional Longhouse (Lamin), Art and Ceremony of Dayak Tribe. Birds, Proboscis Monkey, Fresh Water Dolphin (Pesut) and Natural Orchids.

at Kutai National Park :
Orangutan, Proboscis Monkeys, Barking and Sambar Deer, Mouse-deer, Banteng, Clouded Leopard, gibbons and leaf monkeys. More than 236 bird species have been recorded for the park like Rufous-bellied Eagle, Wallace’s Hawk-eagle, Crested Partridge, Crested Fireback, Great Argus, Large Green Pigeon, Large Frogmouth, seven species of Horbill (notably Wrinkled), blue-headed Pitta, Garnet Pitta, Bornean Wren-babbler, Bornean Bristlehead, Dusky Munia.

Samboja Lodge Nature Trails
Kutai Park and Samboja Lodge
Mahakam Cruise and Samboja Lodge
Wild Orchid and Samboja Lodge
Dayak Tribe and Samboja Lodge

duration: 5 hours

duration: 2 days / 1 night

duration: 4 days / 3 night

duration: 4 days / 3 night

duration: 5 days / 4 night

duration: 6 days / 5 night

We have combined some of Kutai National Park packages with Mahakam Cruise and Samboja Lodge Orangutan project.








: Easy

: Land transport, houseboat, motorized canoe and walking

: Lodge, Longhouse and houseboat (depend of the program).

: Full board meals during on the trip.

: Available on requests.

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