Mangrove center is a beautiful mangrove forest and best place to spot the wild proboscis monkey at Balikpapan.

Mangrove center,

Entrance Gate

Mangrove Center Balikpapan is located at Graha Indah housing complex, West Balikpapan district at East Kalimantan. About 15 km from the city center, Mangrove Center covering an area of 150 hectares.

Canoe trip in the afternoon.

This area is arranged by local community group called Kelompok Kerja Mangrove Soneratia, its lead by Mr. Agus Bei. He is also the chief leader at this housing community “Graha Indah “. He is also the pioneer who plant the mangrove tree in this area since 2001. Right now is more than 15.000 tree that planted here.

Mangrove center

Proboscis monkey

There are 40 types of mangrove grow at Mangrove Center, bakau or rhyzopora mucronata become the dominant plant. And the highlight attraction here that we could do is seeing the proboscis monkey (nasalis larvatus) or in local language is Bekantan. More than 400 proboscis monkey that we could find in at least 15 tree at this area. The proboscis monkey can be found mainly in the late afternoon when they search for food or in the early morning.

Sunset at Mangrove Center

The local community provide some boat and katamaran for the visitor who want to take a trip for passing the river of Somber. Mangrove tree is very important for this community, such as : its provide fresh air, a good habitat for living of the proboscis monkey, the roof from the tree is also an ideal place for the fish including the local fish called mud skipper or periophthalmus gracilis.

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