Explore Loksado and join bamboo rafting trip across beautiful landscape a long the river

Bamboo Rafting

Suspension Bridge

Loksado is located in the South Hulu Sungai district, the capital city is Kandangan. And lies about 3 hours by car from Banjarmasin. The road is good, however, from Kandangan to Loksado, the road goes as far as Halunuk, a small village.

The natural surroundings of the hilly region provide attractive sights for those who enjoy hiking and mountaineering. On the way, meet the local people with their original ways and cross the river on a suspension bridge.

Bamboo rafting

Cinnamon local crop

The Amandit River which originates at Meratus runs through Loksado and meets the mighty Barito River further down.

Visitors usually use the river to get back after visiting the Loksado. Those who enjoy rafting may venture the trip through numerous rocky rapids by traditional rafts made of bamboo or by rubber rafts. The river trip starts at Loksado, 45 kilometers from Kandangan. For those who enjoy trekking through the forests of the hill, the trip takes 8-10 hours. Include exploring the jungle and Dayak land crossing primary and secondary rainforest, hills, waterfall, hanging and suspended bamboo bridges, villager farmlands, rivers and cascades, longhouses, cinnamon, and rubber trees

Bamboo rafting

Bamboo rafting

If you want to take a river trip, start from Loksado to Batu Laki which is 56 km away. The trip can be made in two stretches. The first is from Loksado to Muara Hatip. The second is from Muara Hatip to Batu Laki.

The first stretch is not very challenging because the rapids are not very strong and rank as grade 1 to 2 1/2. On the second one, the level of difficulty increases, while the rapids are higher and stronger at grade 3, such as Hawangan and Kandihin at the mouth of the river Muara Haring. The panorama along the river is fascinating.

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