Nabucco Island Resort its located on the private island in the protected lagoon of Maratua Atoll.


www.kalimantantourguide.comNabucco Island Resort its located on the private island in the protected lagoon of Maratua Atoll (before the Island was called Pulau Papahanan) approximately 60 km east of the Indonesian state East-Kalimantan in the middle of the Celebes Sea. Nabucco Island Resort on about 20,000 square meters was built in 2001 with great view of its lush island vegetation and the buildings are carefully integrated into the nature.www.kalimantantourguide.com

In the small remote diving paradise, you can see not only small stuff, (pygmy seahorses, nudie branches, leave fishes, etc). Also quite often we see big creatures likes sharks, manta rays, barracudas, jack fishes and many turtles. The closest dive place is Big Fish Country, that connects the lagoon to the outer reef, where chevron barracuda, various sharks, spotted eagle rays, big groupers, bumphead parrotfish and schooling trevallies can be found.


The highlight is Sangalaki island, with a beautiful coral garden nearly the whole year around manta rays. Sangalaki is also the house of Turtle Foundation that ensures to lay their eggs as a future safeguard. With your visit, you contribute to help and donate survival. Also have the opportunity to learn more about the Turtles and the Foundations work.

www.kalimantantourguide.comKakaban Island has a saltwater lake inside where jellyfish can be explored. An amazing adventure will be a trip to the jellyfish lake at Maratua.

After a small jungle trekking you can snorkel with the non-stingy jellies in the brackish water. Snorkeling on the outside reef of the Maratua Atoll, as well as around the island,  especially snorkeling around the jetty is great.

Sounds amazing right ?

Join with us to have an experience in a life time in Nabucco Island Resort.

Kalimantan Tour Guide team.

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