Enjoy a daily visit at Samboja Lodge, the largest rehabilitation center for orangutan in Balikpapan and sun bear sanctuary.


Daily Visit  Activities at Samboja Lodge

Visiting Orangutan Islands: Some orangutans live on six man-made islands, the islands are located very close to the Lodge, you could have a nice walk from the Lodge through the forest.


Orangutan Island

The Island orangutans are for not release candidates, due to handicaps and misbehavior. Therefore, they can only be viewed from the land. Every day workers bring over many kinds of fruits, vegetables, and leafy branches. Activities at the Orangutan Islands will begin at 8 am and continue until 4 pm. The Samboja Lodge’s guide will assist you to visit the island and give you some information about Borneo orangutan.

Sunbear Samboja Lodge

Sun Bear Sanctuary

Visiting Sun Bear Sanctuary: Samboja Lestari is home to one of the world’s largest sun bear projects. We can see the Lodge’s staff feed the bears, activities at the sun bear compound will begin at 8 am and end at 4 pm. The bear compound is a short 15 min walk from the Samboja Lodge. You must exercise extreme caution when around the bears.


Samboja Lodge

Visiting Office Tower: It’s also the office of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, from this tower we could see their project to grow well the forest area.

At the end of the tour, you will serve by buffet Indonesian delicious menu. Do not worry about vegetarianism, it’s also provided. Enjoy the meals with the exciting restaurant panorama in the forest.

Join the Kalimantan Tour Guide team and combine this trip with visiting Bangkirai Hill, Mangrove Center, or the Black River to spot wild proboscis monkeys.

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Kalimantan Tour Guide Team

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