Nabucco Island Resort located in the very private island with a beautiful view ever, its one of the best dive sites in the world.


Nabucco Island Resort located in the private island in the protected lagoon of Maratua Atoll, approx 60 km east of the Indonesian state East Kalimantan in the middle of the Celebes Sea. Its about 2 hectares big island was built in 2001 with great view of its lush island vegetation and the buildings are carefully integrated into the nature.


Nabucco Island Resort has 8 double bungalows and one single bungalow, the bungalows are built with natural, local materials. Most of the rooms have a direct entrance to the sea.


Nabucco Resort restaurant is in airy and roomy restaurant. It is constructed on stilts directly over the sea. While enjoying delicious meals, your eyes can feast fantastic views of Maratua Atoll.


Nabucco is a small paradise also for unique animals. With a bit of luck you can see eagles, king fisher, monitors, and the coconut crab.

Plan your dates of arrival perfectly to adjust with the regular transfer shuttle boat.

Transfer : Berau – Nabucco – Nunukan – Berau

Check-in : Wednesday           Check-out : Tuesday

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