Cross Borneo is a real jungle trekking in the tropical rain forest of Borneo island from west to east.


A real jungle trekking in the tropical rainforest of Borneo. The journey will pass a hilly and mountainous area crossing the border of West to East Kalimantan. Cross Borneo is the activity that follows a historical expedition route of a Dutch botanist, DR. Anton W. Niewenhius in 1894.

The vegetation in the jungle is diverse and therefore you encounter different animals at different locations. Borneo has a very wet climate, the hydrology in the expedition area is unique with hundreds of streams. Two famous rivers on each side will offer different landscapes, and adventure experiences.

This trekking is never boring, there is always new development, estimating distance, location, progress the trek to follow. Combination between dry and wet trekking.

Cross Borneo to East Kalimantan    duration : 17 days / 16 nights

Various of interest :

Putussibau, Kapuas River, Nanga Bungan Village, some rapids, some longhouses of Dayak Taman, shifting cultivation area (ladang), and traditional fruits garden, Bungan river, Tanjung Lokang, Dayak Fishing and fire lighting sodden wood, Borneo’s rain forest, Jeluang Hill, passing sorea trees, Muller Range of the Kalimantan Highland, Muara Huvung, Mahakam river. Tropical  Flora and Wild Fauna. The live of Banjar tribe, Kutai tribe, Buginese tribe and Dayak Tribes. Traditional Harbor and Market, Floating House and Traditional Shop.













Long boat, trekking, river ferry, and land transport
Local hotel, local house, simple tent and public boat.
Full board meals during on the trip.
Available on requests.

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