Kalimantan Tour Guide

We are KIS – short for Kalimantan Inbound Service,  a group of local tour guides in all over Kalimantan, Indonesia. We specialize in nature guide of East Kalimantan Tour, South Kalimantan Tour, Central Kalimantan Tour, West Kalimantan Tour and North Kalimantan Tour.

Experienced Tour Guide

It means that your request will be handled by the REAL FIRST HAND experienced tour guide from the very beginning. Whether it is for individual or group, for any regular or special interest of Kalimantan tour.

Tour By Appointment

We prepare an actual cost estimate by appointment on your arrival time. Therefore we don’t provide pricelist on this website. We would provide it once you contact us. Hopeful you could understand.

It is my pleasure to make the opportunity for you to have a direct contact to local guide. Please feel free to contact me to discuss of your kalimantan adventure, culture and wildlife tours.


"Dear Nila, You were faster than me, I was planning to send you my feedback right away when I got back home :-) The tour was fantastic and will recommend you to everyone! Andreas was extremely mindful of my needs and interests, his English is also great and he knows very much about the work with the orangutans and the properties of certain plants (I am especially interested in medicinal plants and so he explained me some of the forest medicines -- I would recommend to include some explanation of forest medicinal plants to other tourists as well, it is important that they understand that there are natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, and that this natural medicine is under threat due to logging, mining, etc). The people in the village and in the camp know and respect very much Andreas, and so it was very nice to be walking with him :-) The other crew was also very good and incredibly helpful, always smiling and also trying to communicate with me even though they do not speak English. I personally appreciate communicating with people from all cultures and languages with even signs and face gestures (70% of human communication is body language, and sometimes the words were not needed). I also liked the food, I cannot think of many ways that it can be improved. One minor comment perhaps is that I would not recommend taking condensed milk (carnation) in the boat and leaving it open for several days. I know that this can cause digestive problems in international touris"